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LOTHERM Final Workshop

The focus of this workshop will be on a wide range of recent developments at the forefront of research in quantum magnetism



"quantum magnets 2013"
Advances in quantum magnets - dynamics


September 9-13, 2013, Kolymbari, Crete





Workshop Programme
Invited Speakers
Accommodation and Fee
Abstract Submission
Organizing Committee
Scientific Programme Committee
Travel Information





The focus of this workshop will be on a wide range of recent developments at the forefront of research in quantum magnetism. It is organised by the Marie Curie Project LOTHERM, and will bring together leading experts in this field, following the spirit of the previous NOVMAG workshop ‘Transport phenomena in low dimensional quantum magnets’, held in September 2010.

Topics of the Workshop include:

  • quantum spin chains and ladders
  • spin ice
  • spin liquids
  • frustrated magnets
  • dynamics of quantum magnets
  • transport in quantum magnets
  • iridates
  • new materials
  • applications

The program will feature invited talks as well as poster presentations.
The number of participants is limited. Please contact the Organizing Committee if you are interested in attending the Workshop.

All sessions will take place at the Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) which is situated 39 km west of the airport of Chania.


Workshop Programme

Final programme (06.07.2013)


Invited Speakers (confirmed)

Cristian D. Batista
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Center for Nonlinear Studies, New Mexico, USA

Leon Balents
Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA

Steve Bramwell
Department of Physics & Astronomy, London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK

Michael Brockmann
University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Collin Broholm
Department of Physics and Astronomy, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA

Ekkes Brueck
Fundamental Aspects of Materials and Energy, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

Sank-Wook Cheong
Rutgers University, USA

Bruce Gaulin
Brockhouse Institute for Materials Research, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada

Philipp Gegenwart
I. Physikalisches Institut, University of Goettingen, Germany

Sasha Chernyshev
Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of California, Irvine, USA

Franziska Hammerath
Università degli studi di Pavia, Italy

Fabian Heidrich-Meisner
LMU Munich, Germany

Daniel Khomskii
II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln, Germany

Tsuyoshi Kimura
Division of Materials Physics, Osaka University, Osaka, Japan

Jelena Klinovaja
Department of Physics, University of Basel, Switzerland

Thomas Lorenz
II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität zu Köln, Germany

Yuji Matsuda
Department of Physics, Kyoto University, Japan

Philippe Mendels
Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, University Paris-Sud 11, France

Shuichi Murakami
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan

Yoshinori Onose
Department of Basic Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

Marcos Rigol
Department of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University, USA

Toni Shiroka
Laboratorium fuer Festkoerperphysik, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland

Tomohiro Takayama
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart, Germany

Ichiro Terasaki
Department of Physics, Nagoya University, Japan

Hirokazu Tsunetsugu
Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, Japan

Jeroen van den Brink
Institute for Theoretical Solid State Physics, IFW Dresden, Germany

Andrey Zheludev
Laboratory for Solid State Physics, ETH Zuerich, Switzerland


Accommodation and Fee

Accommodation (full board incl. coffee & refreshments during the breaks and the social event) costs
90 EUR/single room, 115 EUR/double room.

The Academy offers 60 rooms of which 5 are suites.
Payments for your room can be made in cash (EUR, preferred) or by Credit Card (Mastercard or Visa, a surcharge might apply).

Participants who stay outside the Academy pay 55 EUR for meals including coffee & refreshments during the breaks and the social event. Suggestions for accommodation in Kolymbari can be found here.

No registration fee is charged.


Abstract Submission

Abstracts are invited from all participants for poster presentations. Please use this template. All abstracts should be submitted in English and sent by e-mail to QuantumMagnets2013

before June 1st 2013.


Visa support letters

Visa support letters (invitation letters) are available upon request. Please contact the Organising Committee. For further information regarding visa requirements, visit gogreece, a very informative link on foreign nationals travelling to Greece.


Organizing Committee

Xenophon Zotos, University of Crete, Crete (local organizer)

Christian Heß, IFW Dresden, Germany (coordinator of the LOTHERM project)



Scientific Programme Committee

Christian Heß, IFW Dresden, Germany
Alexandre Revcolevschi, Universite Paris-Sud, France
Ioannis Giapintzakis, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
Paul van Loosdrecht, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, The Netherlands
Xenophon Zotos, University of Crete, Crete
Peter Prelovsek, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wolfram Brenig, Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany


Travel Information

The airport closest to the conference venue is that of the city of Chania. The Orthodox Academy of Crete (OAC) is located 39 km west of the airport. The easiest way to reach the academy from the airport is via taxi. The full fare including airport surcharge should be about 60 Euros. (Here you can find a currency converter.)

Bus Timetable

The cheapest (but inconvenient) possibility is to take the bus from the airport to the city of Chania and then take the bus towards Kastelli that stops at Kolymbari. This, however, will bring you about 1km before the location of the OAC.

In case you need to fly to Heraklion there are 3 ways to reach OAC: A taxi would cost around 150 Euros for the trip. You can take the bus from Heraklion to Chania (one bus per hour). It takes 3hrs to reach Chania and then you may take a bus or taxi to Kolymbari. (If you need to rent a car at Heraklion and drive to Kolymbari, please contact us for suggestions.)

Finally another way to reach Chania from Athens is by boat. There are two companies involved, ANEK LINES and MINOAN LINES. The boat brings you to Souda Bay, from which you can access Chania by bus.

For the coordination of transport arrangements please contact the local organizer Xenophon Zotos.




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FP7 Marie Curie Actions


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LOTHERM Coordinator:
Christian Hess

Marion Malkoc


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